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Welcome to Caliber Protection

Founded in 1996, Caliber Protection is a privately held company that provides emergency management solutions and protection services to industry and public sector clients throughout Canada and the Northern United States. Our highly-trained staff are experienced in security, emergency management and planning.

Our Vision

  • Protecting people.
Caliber Protection supports our clients' programs and the ongoing security of their assets, while ensuring public safety.

Caliber Security Guards did a great job of protecting our site. They were professional, well dressed, and friendly too! Caliber's guards make an excellent first impression when people come to our site.

Security Guards

Security teams that meet your requirement. We match the guards with your scope of work and your management team. This ensures cohesiveness and trust between all parties.

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K9 Drug Detection

K-9 / Canine drug detection. Caliber has K-9 teams ready to deploy to your front gate, camp or any other remote site you have. Our teams are fully certified by the Government. We know camps and the industry. If there are illegal narcotics at your site, Caliber’s K-9 teams will find them.

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Surveillance / Tight Hole Security

Surveillance teams for watching suspicious activity. These teams are highly trained at seeing without being seen.
Tight hole security. Our surveillance teams are fully trained and equipped for tight hole security. .

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Remote Monitoring

Photo Radar System and Wireless Security

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Fire Watch

Foam fire suppression system to conduct fire watch during the fire season. Caliber has 3 options of foam fire suppression systems. Do you need more than a fire extinguisher for hot work, but a fire truck is too much? Caliber has the solution.

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Emergency Management

We are experts in emergency management. From industrial sites to large scale events we understand the unique challenges our clients face as they try to plan for, and react to emergencies.

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